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About Us

We are committed to working with clients to improve their business performance.

Dr James Morrison is the managing director of James Morrison Consulting and maintains a network of professional relationships which are utilised appropriately to provide an efficient, streamlined service. Dr James Morrison combines intellectual capacity and creativity with commercial pragmatism, having worked with a broad range of companies internationally both as a strategy consultant and in management positions. He applies deep analytical and technical capability to provide direction and lift business performance.

We place a high emphasis on building trust by consistently delivering on commitments and ensuring client satisfaction with results. We are sufficiently flexibile that we can work as an extension of the client team, leveraging professional networks to bring the right skills together for the task at hand, or we can act as an independent advisor.

Projects may be undertaken anywhere in New Zealand, Australia or further afield, dependent on your requirements. We have conducted projects in all of New Zealand and Australia’s major cities, as well as Bangkok, Seoul, London and Paris.

Our cost structure is such that it enables us to deliver the highest quality outcomes for clients at a reasonable cost: we charge competitive fees, and structure these to suit the particular requirements of the organisation.

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Dr James Morrison Professional Profile

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