We work across a range of sectors, but with specific experience in the primary sector, mainly dairy and pastoral, telecommunications, utilities and co-operative organisations.

Primary Industry -

The core challenges in primary industry, particularly the pastoral sector, are productivity and innovation. Success in these endeavors is vital to the ongoing competitiveness of New Zealand agriculture and its supporting industries. Emerging challenges include sustainability in the face of increasing environmental concerns, and global trade developments that threaten to sideline New Zealand producers from having equitable access to valuable markets.

We have experience advising agri-businesses and understand the value chain from the production system to offshore markets. This has included strategic advice to established processing companies, exporters, and new ventures, as well as developing innovation in the primary sector. James Morrison Consulting assisted the dairy industry to create the Strategy for Sustainable Dairy Farming 2013 2020, and also developed both the New Zealand Onion and Potato industry strategies. We have also conducted industry sector reviews, including the 2011 Forage Review and acting as special advisor to the government Primary Production Select Committee.

Whether you are marketing to farmers, or trading commodities and value-added products offshore, we can assist you to develop a clear strategy for the future and improve your business performance.

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Sports Management -

The business of sport demands a balance between the interests of participants in the broader game, the desire to win at an elite level, and the need for commercial sustainability. This challenge is invariably brought into focus when sports organisations are contemplating changes to their season, or introducing a new competition format.

We have worked with leading sports organisations in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa to improve the structure of their season at an elite level. We have also assisted in forming working partnerships between national sports organisations, and in consulting with wider stakeholders including players and regional administrators. As a specific example, James Morrison Consulting advised in the establishment of the ANZ Netball Championship.

We understand the commercial requirements of broadcasting and sponsorship partners. We also advise on how sports organisations can best configure their proposals to these partners without compromising their own interests. We have particular experience in financial modeling of sports competitions, and in developing and supporting commercial negotiations. Most importantly, our work with sports organisations has contributed to the launch of new sports leagues with sound commercial structures.

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Utilities -

We have extensive experience across both electricity and gas utilities, from upstream gas production and reticulation to the retail environment, and from electricity generation to local lines companies.

Whether you are evaluating investments, or lobbying regulatory bodies, we have the knowledge and the deep problem-solving ability to identify and resolve the relevant issues.

We have also developed processes, operational plans and service level agreements for utility companies, and can assist in organisational design and other specific operational areas.

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Telecommunications -

Telecommunications is a global enterprise, and with our experience in different telecommunications companies across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the local market, we are confident of being able to assist your enterprise.

We have experience in developing consumer and business strategies for players in the telecommunications industry, focusing on what drives value for customers and how companies can lead the market. This experience also includes deep ‘systems’ modeling of the competitive market dynamics, leveraging models of customer value over time to create insightful scenarios and understand market responses to product innovations and price competition.

In addition, we have worked with call centres and corporate sales teams, in the "engine room" of telecommunication businesses, creating processes and incentive structures, as well as designing market research and driving service delivery improvement.

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Co-operatives -

Cooperative organisations comprise a significant part of the commercial landscape, dominating agri-business and also representing powerful groups in retailing.

We have considerable experience advising the executives and boards of co-operative organisations in agri-business, the retail sector and also services companies, on matters of strategy and business planning. We understand the unique challenges that face cooperatives, particularly in managing the competing interests of transacting shareholders.

Our broad experience with cooperatives provides the necessary perspective for insightful diagnosis and problem solving.

Dr James Morrison maintains networks across different co-operative organisations, and is a regular presenter at NZ Cooperatives Association seminars.

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