We provide specialist skills in strategic planning, aligning corporate structures with strategy, business planning, performance management and pricing excellence.

Strategy -

We work with clients to develop relevant, actionable and results-orientated strategies, that create value for the organisation.

We place a premium on determining the facts, and driving to the heart of business issues. We manage the strategic process, undertake rigorous problem solving and analysis, and facilitate workshops with your staff, executive team or board of directors. We have completed major industry strategies in several key sectors of the New Zealand economy, as well as facilitating focused reviews of performance and structure to drive change and enhancement.

We have experience in advising investor-owned, joint venture and co-operative organisations on matters of both strategy and structure. By aligning the entire organisation, and its structure, with a clear and pragmatic strategic direction, we assist clients to achieve maximum performance.

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Corporate Structuring -

We work with clients to develop the appropriate organisation structures to match their business strategy. Our focus is on understanding what capabilities are needed, and where these should reside in the business to best deliver the planned business outcomes with appropriate accountabilities.

In addition, we have experience developing service level agreements and transfer pricing arrangements to better align incentives with desired business outcomes. Our approach, particularly with respect to service level agreements where we have assisted several utility companies, is pragmatic and business-orientated. We understand that organisations comprise people not just processes. In this context, we also understand that risk management as a key principle of these arrangements, and are able to provide the analysis to demonstrate the benefits and trade-offs to the parties concerned.

We also advise on capital structures, particularly for co-operative organisations. This includes the design of the co-operative, and the necessary alignment of the capital structure with business strategy. Dr James Morrison is a regular presenter at NZ Cooperatives Association seminars.

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Business Planning -

We will develop robust business plans for your organisation, recognising the multiple role of business plans: as tangible expressions of your vision and strategy, as critical communication tools for organising and coordinating resources, and as a key communication to shareholders and potential investors.

We will also assist your organisation in scenario planning approaches, envisioning future business environments in which today's decisions might be played out. Dr James Morrison has worked across different industries to develop scenarios and price paths that empower executives to make investment decisions - or reverse previous forays - with confidence that such decisions will deliver sustained performance. Our experience includes development of realistic price scenarios for the New Zealand energy industry that dramatically changed the clients underlying beliefs about their investment strategy.

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Performance -

We will provide you with structured reviews of business performance, diagnosis of issues, and recommendations about the correct performance measures to manage teams and individuals. We have recently completed reviews of this nature for a number of large sales teams. We also have considerable experience in designing and implementing new performance management systems to drive performance improvement. This includes the design of 'balanced scorecards', facilitation across the broad spectrum of stakeholders and creating pragmatic measurement systems.

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Pricing Excellence -

Pricing is a key area of business that is too often set aside from strategy and performance management. Adding 1% to top-line revenue can create a 7- 10% improvement in operating profits. Dr James Morrison has experience in pricing management across business and consumer products, as well as in globally traded commodity markets.

In retail markets we will undertake a review of price execution by your sales channels, and identify areas of price leakage and the necessary remedies. We will also conduct rigorous analytical price and revenue optimisation (PRO) to determine the correct price points and product configurations for your markets.

For traded commodities we understand the New Zealand market and the international market. We can work with you to develop trading strategies and put in place appropriate structures, processes and policies to manage trading activity accordingly.

We also understand how internal transfer pricing drives behaviour within organisations, and that this is not a zero-sum game. We can bring rigour to these internal pricing decisions to align an organisation with its overall performance objectives.

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